Some of her work is in the Museum of Design Zurich – Archive of the Zurich University of the Arts ( Lorena was also a consultant for the advanced technical exam for graphic designers at the School of Design in Biel. And in this role also in charge of adapting a course on creativity techniques. Lorena is convinced that creativity can be learned in the same way as a language: with diligence and a method.

Lorena set out in 2019 to develop her true potential and has been producing art and illustration as LOVA ever since. As a multi-styled visual artist, she is unpredictable. She is very curious and always tries to understand how things work, when she paints she reduces her perceptions to the essential. Her works are marked by her sharp eye for the environment, and interpreted with humour and charm. And they are extremely sophisticated in their simplicity. Her new project are paintings inspired by the poems of Susan Brandy. Depending on the project, Lorena feels comfortable using acrylic and oil paint for large paintings and gouache for small ones.

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