Matt Barnett Animal Painting - 1862 OIL

1862 OIL Artist


Matt Barratt-Jones is a self taught , contemporary artist from Leicestershire, UK.

Simply put, 1862 oils changed the way I paint. The quality and density of pigment has given me a much wider spectrum of technique, from brash rich thickness - to delicate washed layers. Simply the finest paints I could choose to work with.

Casten Wieland Landscape - AQUARELL 1862

AQUARELL 1862 Artist


Professional watercolor artist and finds his motifs in his surroundings, but above all in his memory.

When I began to work intensively with watercolor painting 5 years ago, I remembered that I had used LUKAS' paints during my graphic design studies and that I was very satisfied with them at the time. So I decided on Lukas' watercolor 1862 and was not disappointed. The tubes suit my expressive painting style and offer a lot of color for little money. Still the first choice for me.

Nadya AL-Haroun - CRYL STUDIO


Nadya AL-Haroun

Nadya Al-Haroun is a German artist. She has always been artistically active.

When I started dot painting I experimented a lot and tried colors from different brands. I get the best result with LUKAS CRYL STUDIO and the LUKAS Pouring Medium. The color is smooth, has no bubbles when mixed and I can create perfect dots. Unbeatable value for money.

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