Jen’s energetic art encompasses a broad range of topics, styles, and materials, motivated by a simple philosophy: blank canvas or paper is only wasted if it remains blank. A prolific producer, her work spans graffiti-influenced illustration, mixed media abstracts, as well as traditional techniques and subjects. She enthusiastically believes in exploring everything, and taking risks in art. Wonder, curiosity, and everyday life guide her - often autobiographical - creations. Jen’s paintings and illustrations are in private collections around the world, and have been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions.

Discipline, design principles, and raw emotion connect her favourite artists, including: Picasso, Warhol, Haring, Frankenthaler, Mitchell, Basquiat, Schiele, Twombly, Bacon, Albers, and Lanyon.

When she’s not drawing, painting, or producing classes, she plays video games, nerds out on Star Trek, cooks, sings loudly, and is probably spilling tea on her shirt. She’s a book-sniffer, still listens mostly to 90s music, and will always ask to pet your dog.

Jen Dixon uses numerous Lukas Farben creative products, including their Cryl Studio acrylic paints, numerous texture and effects gels and pastes, Berlin Watermixable Oils, and watercolours from both Aquarell 1862 and Studio palettes. She loves the rich colours and reliable results she gets by using Lukas materials in her varied work.

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