His passion for sports and hip-hop holds a special place in Janosch Goy's artistic journey. These two elements not only serve as inspiration but consistently propel him to new levels of creativity. The dynamics, energy, and cultural influences of these domains are clearly reflected in his abstract artworks.

Janosch Goy's work is characterized by his unique interpretation of abstract art. His pieces are defined by vibrant colors, dynamic forms, and deep emotional content. They reflect the cultural diversity and inspiring impressions he has gathered during his travels.

The choice of his studio in a disused 1970s swimming pool is far from random. This location serves not only as a source of inspiration but also as a unique space for the unfolding of his creativity. The architecture and atmosphere of the pool influence his works, imparting them with a unique depth and narrative.

Apart from his works on canvases, Janosch Goy has executed remarkable projects in various creative domains. For instance, in Paris, he live-designed an Artcar the Ora Funky Cat, Ora an automotive company, transferring his art onto an extraordinary medium. Additionally, he has live-painted large shipping containers in Cologne, which transformed into impressive artworks in an urban environment. These versatile projects underscore his ability to breathe life into art in different contexts and dimensions.



Cryl Studio

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