Residing all his life in his hometown Aleksandr draws his inspiration from the city ambience, its’ stir, sublimity of nature and singularity. Another source of some of his abstract ideas are dreams.

Bold strokes, a genuine technique and a positive energy are equally present in Aleksandr’s modern and contemporary works of art, which could perfectly decorate your home interior and illuminate your daily life. His paintings have been purchased/obtained in numerous countries including Lithuania, Poland, England, Ireland, USA, Russia and Germany.

Aleksandr makes music also which impacts his art and vice versa. Music and painting, in this case, is a unique and unified way of expression for him.

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1862 OIL

1862 OIL finest artists' oil colors are known for their unmistakable buttery consistency, incomparable color intensity and a particular high pigment concentration.

Lukas 1862 Oil Range 37ml and 200ml tubes