Photo of Warehouse


Move of the Warehouse from Düsseldorf to Annonay (France)


F.I.L.A Group took over the Group Daler-Rowney - LUKAS.

Daler Rowney logo


Acquisition of LUKAS-Nerchau GmbH by Daler-Rowney Ltd and move of production to Bracknell (England).


Acquisition of the “Nerchau Painting and Artist‘s Paints” in Nerchau close to Leibzig from the Deutschen Amphibolin-Werken (DAW).


Development and licensing of the BOB ROSS Oil color range for the american television painter.


Development of LUKAS Berlin as first water-mixable oil color on the European continent, which is comparable in its properties (consistency, drying and thinning behaviour) with a traditional oil paint.

Photo of Hubertus Heusgen, Great Great Nephew of Dr Schoenfeld


Management taken over by Mr. Hubertus Heusgen, the great-great-nephew of the company founder.

Photo of J.H. van Beek


125 year celebration, the management was taken over by J.H. van Beek as the first external manager.


Development of LUKAsCRYL as first acrylic paint in mainland Europe.

Photo of production and office in Harff Str in Dusseldorf


Move into the newly constructed production and office premises in the Harff street 40.

Photo of Christina Talbot, manager in 1955


Death of Dr. Edward Talbot. Christa Talbot took over the management of the company.


Move to the reconstructed main building at the Adler street – Pempelforter street.


Production began to a modest extent in Düsseldorf-Heerdt again.


Destruction of production and office building by bomb explosure. Production continued in the alternative facilities in Forchheim / Ofr. and Viersen. The management remained in Düsseldorf.

Photo of Eduard Talbot, nephew of Paul Schoenfeld


Dr. Eduard Talbot, the nephew of Paul Schoenfeld, took over the management.

Painting of the Kunstpalast Museum in Dusseldorf


Death of founder Dr. Fr. Schoenfeld, who left his extensive art collection of 150 paintings of the Düsseldorf School of Painting to the museum „Kunstpalast”.

Portrait of Paul Schoenfeld, son of the founder


 Kommerzienrat Dr. Franz Schoenfeld transfered the management of the company to his son, Paul Schoenfeld.

Ca. 1900

Introduction of Saint LUKAS in the new logo of the company. St Lukas is the patron protector of the painters - mentioned already in the Middle Ages as the patron of the Dutch Guild of St Lukas. (The logo was designed by Prof. Gebhard, Düsseldorf)

Image of headquarters of Lukas in 1892


Move to the company headquarters in the Adler street - Pempelforter street opposite of the “Düsseldorfer Malkasten” Düsseldorf Paint Box club house (art association). Meeting place of artists in Düsseldorf.


Portrait Painting of Dr Franz Schoenfeld, founder of Lukas


The company was founded on October 18th by Mr. Kommerzienrat (councillor of commerce) Dr. Franz Schoenfeld. First production facilities were in the Bismarck street.