Her preference is for large-format works on acrylic base. She learned her craft from the painter Elisabeth Wojciak.

Susanne leads courses for children in the creative field and has completed training in art and creative therapy.

Since 2017 she has been continuing her education under the guidance of Professor Jerry Zeniuk and Ingrid Floss in Kolbermoor and Bad Reichenhall.

Building on this, Susanne continues to develop her techniques, seeking the challenge in painting and in life. Her works today are shaped by the inspiration of the moment. For her, painting is a reflection of human individuality.

The motifs themselves arise in the painting process from an idea and a mood. Passion plays a major role in this process - and so does the love of detail.

"Painting is a part of me, without it my life - in the truest sense of the word - would be colourless. Painting completes me. Art is inspiring, sets accents, creates atmosphere and, above all, brings it to life.

Susanne's paintings can be seen at exhibitions and fairs in Germany and abroad, as well as on various online platforms.

Her works have already been published in two international art books.

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