After an excursion of several years into 3D photography, he rediscovered watercolor painting in 2015 and has created hundreds of watercolors since then. The hobby quickly developed into something more and Wieland now gives watercolour workshops, writes books on the subject, makes videos and participates in numerous exhibitions throughout Europe.

Wieland finds his motifs in his surroundings, but above all in his memory. Especially the old and abandoned houses, which he discovered on his travels through the USA, have become a recurring motif in his watercolours. It is not the detailed reproduction of what he has seen that the artist focuses on, but rather the reinterpretation, in which the original motif only provides the impulse for the creative process.

Since 2018, Wieland has also been shown at various watercolor festivals in Europe, where he inspires the professional public at painting demonstrations where he demonstrates his very individual watercolor technique.

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